Are you trying to look for your very first digital camera unit or would you just like to do an upgrade to your old model? Is this for a friend? Your wife or your girlfriend? Your daughter or your niece? No matter who it is for, if you’re looking for a pink digital camera, then chances are, it’s for someone very feminine indeed. But regardless of who you will be giving it to, whether if it’s for yourself or someone else, you have to be very particular in the features that you would want it to have. Your pink digital camera should be packed with all the goodness that any technologically advanced digital camera should have. Yes it might be pink and it may look like a toy at first glance, but it doesn’t have to act like one when you’re already using it.

The very first thing that people ask about when looking for a camera model is its megapixels. The higher the mp’s are, the higher the quality of the pictures will be. Today, the minimum megapixels you will find in most standard cameras are 5MPs, and others have as high as 12-16 mp’s.

Naturally, the higher the MP’s would be, the more expensive it will be priced. But of course, the megapixels shouldn’t be the only feature you should be looking for in your pink digital camera. You should also consider the feel of it on your hand. Most women would like to have a camera that won’t be too heavy or too bulky. If there are about a million other things inside the bag, what you would want to get is something that won’t take too much space. But that really depends on your preferences. There are other digital cameras that come with straps attached to them so you only have to put it round your neck or sling it on your shoulder.

The screen should also be considered. What its size is and how easy it will be to figure out. There are now cameras that have touch screen features that just added to its convenience. Perhaps you would want to get one of those? Some digital cameras even have two-way cameras. Now, taking self-portraits would be easier.

You also need to secure the memory storage. Because most digital cameras come with very little space to store your pictures in, sometimes retailers throw in free memory cards. Some don’t, so that could be a deciding factor whether you should get it or not. And consider the efficiency in sharing your pictures. Does it come with its own USB cable for you to attach it with your computer or can the memory card just be easily removed from it? Does it require a software to be installed in your computer first or is it just plug and play?

These are just some of the features that you need to consider when looking for a pink digital camera. So take all of these into consideration. There may be a lot of research involved but once you find the one for you it will all be worth it, and taking pictures will be a tad bit sweeter.

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